Blasted Review: It’s Bros Before UFOs

Damned is a Norwegian science fiction comedy film that premieres on Netflix on June 28, 2022. Based on the real-life UFO phenomenon in Hessdalen, Norway, the film is directed by Martin Sofiedal and the screenplay is written by Emanuel Nordrum . It lasts approximately 1 hour and 55 minutes.

The cast includes Axel Bøyum as Sebastian, Fredrik Skogsrud as Mikkel, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal as Hjørdis, André Sørum as Kasper, Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa as Stine, Mathias Luppichini as Audun, Eirik Hallert as Pelle, Ingar Helge Gimle as Georg, Rune Temte as Roy. , Cecilie Svendsen as Josephine.

The Netflix synopsis for the film reads:

When an alien invasion interrupts a bachelor party, two childhood friends reunite as the laser-gun duo they once were to fight back.

-Damn review contains no spoilers-

Cursed plot: a bachelor party invaded by aliens

We are introduced to our main lead, Sebastian, who is preparing for a big pitch to get investor, Kasper, on board with his idea. But things are not going too well, meanwhile his office colleague and his friends Audun and Pelle are planning their bachelor party this weekend in Hessdalen. It is a Norwegian mountain valley famous for its inexplicable lights in the sky.

Some consider that it is UFOs and aliens and others think that it is a natural phenomenon that should be investigated further. Scientists and alien fanatics around the world have searched for these lights, but so far it remains a mystery. Anyway, Audun had booked a guided tour of this valley and even invited Sebastian’s childhood friend Mikkel.

They haven’t been in contact for a while, but Mikkel keeps showing up for his friend. On the other hand, Sebastian has also invited Kasper to show that he is also a fun guy, to impress him and get the investment. Throughout the trip, he tries to win Kasper over instead of enjoying his own bachelor party. Until they meet aliens who have possessed human bodies and try to do the same to them.

Mathias Luppichini as Audun, Fredrik Skogsrud as Mikkel, Axel Bøyum as Sebastian, André Sørum as Kasper in Blasted

Comedy leads the story

If you went into this movie thinking it was going to be an action-packed sci-fi movie about fighting aliens, then you might be a bit wrong. It will be more appropriate to call this movie a comedy that has some fight sequences against aliens throughout the movie. There are numerous movies and TV series on Netflix, under the similar alien/monster invasion, but they all have a serious tone.

While this is the typical movie it has all the elements of the alien movie trope. As seen before, someone finds a hidden cave in the woods that has a mysterious machine placed there. But as soon as they touch it, they get possessed and become the leader to recruit more people. It’s not a serious movie where they find something unusual and decide to save the world.

Instead, the main factor here is humor, it’s all about the friends, the chemistry, and the endless bantering between them, as they figure out their differences and kill the aliens.

Sebastian and Mikkel used to be the best of friends and were even featured in their local newspaper as the ‘laser tag duos, going to the laser tag world cup’. But life happened and Sebastian became a career oriented guy from him and Mikkel still lives in the same bubble. During the trip, he tries to rekindle fond memories of him by bringing lasers to play with. But Sebastian finds it childish and avoids Mikkel.

Fredrik Skogsrud as Mikkel, Axel Bøyum as Sebastian in Blasted

Only later, when they discover that laser guns can make the sticky alien spirit come out of the human body. That’s when the two best friends can live out their childhood fantasy of being the laser tag heroes, saving the world from monsters. But it’s just 2 guys against the entire population of the valley that is possessed by aliens. What will happen to your investment agreement with Kasper? Will they survive or become part of the possessed and brilliant army?

Final Thoughts: Stream It or Skip It?

Damned on Netflix is ​​the first UFO-based film of its kind to come out of Norway. The unusual mystery behind the Hassdalen lights is quite popular in the scientific community, but has yet to be adapted into popular content. Through this film, the creators shed light on the subject and make it the backdrop for a film about camaraderie and friendship with elements of comedy.

It’s a casual watch that doesn’t need to be taken seriously but is nonetheless fun to watch. If you enjoy science fiction movies but don’t want to watch something heavy or serious, then this is a perfect movie for you.

Damned is streaming on Netflix.

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