BBC’s Red Rose is the new horror from Sex Education producer

We’re used to gritty thrillers and dramas galore when it comes to the BBC schedule, but very rarely do we have a horror series to sink our teeth into.

While BBC Three recently graced us with a cruise ship slasher shattered and we have next The baby on Sky to whet our appetite for the genre, it seems the BBC and Netflix have teamed up to bring us a new series of chilling proportions.

Red rose examines teen relationships and attitudes towards our lives online (relatable, right?) but also, like Netflix’s recent true crime documentary. cyber hell – explores the dangerous consequences that come from the dark web. While the new drama follows a group of teenagers, we can assure you that this show looks like anything but a light-hearted teen drama.

With that, here’s everything you need to know about Red rose.

what is the plot of Red rose?

Red rose it is described as “an original horror series” and will explore the “intoxicating relationship between teenagers and their lives online”.

As the synopsis says: “Set in the long hot summer following GCSEs, our heroes’ friendships infiltrate the Red Rose app, which flourishes on their smartphones, threatening them with dangerous consequences if they don’t meet its demands. The app exposes the group to a seemingly supernatural entity and the alluring and terrifying power of the dark web.

Red rose is ultimately a story of friendship, told through the prism of a classic horror thriller.”

The new series is co-directed by Ramón Salazar, whose credits include Netflix’s hit Spanish-language thriller. Elite, so we are sure that this program will keep us in suspense (and hooked) until the last moment.

red rose bbc
BBC’s Red Rose: Isis Hainsworth plays Rochelle.

who stars Red rose?

the cast of Red rose is packed with emerging talent and we couldn’t be happier to see some new faces taking the helm of this exciting new BBC drama.

The cast includes Amelia Clarkson (the last kingdom), Isis Hainsworth (metal lords), Ali Khan (aura), Ellis Howard (Home) and Ashna Rabheru (Sex education) plus celebrated actors Adam Nagaitis (Chernobyl, terror), Natalia Gavin (Ali and Ava, Knight Jack) and Samuel Anderson (Landscapers, Doctor Who).

Exciting newcomers making their television debuts include Harry Redding, who currently stars as Jem Finch on Kill a Mockingbird in the West End and Laurence Olivier Scholarship winner Natalie Blair.

red rose bbc
BBC Red Rose: Taz (Ali Khan); Jaya (Ashna Rabheru), Ashley (Natalie Blair); Wren (Amelia Clarkson); Antony (Ellis Howard); Noah (Harry Redding).

The new series is being produced by Eleven, the same multi-award winning company behind Netflix. Sex education and the 2014 Channel 4 thriller Glue.

Along with Salazar, Henry Blake (county lines) and Lisa Siwe (the bridge) will also be directing, with Camilla Bray serving as producer. The cast has also been brought together by Kharmel Cochrane, who cast Alex Garland’s film. Men, Robert Eggers’ The Northman and most recently Channel 4 helmet lifter.

red rose bbc
BBC’s Red Rose: Harry Redding plays Noah and Amelia Clarkson plays Wren.

What has been said about Red rose?

Creators Michael and Paul Clarkson (The Curse of Bly Manor) say, “We’re thrilled with the talented cast we’ve assembled in Red rose. They have so brilliantly captured the spirit of the North with their nuanced, devastating and hilarious performances. We can’t wait for the rest of the world to fall in love with them, as we have. They are making Bolton proud, and us.”

Joel Wilson, Executive Producer of Eleven, says, “Working with Kharmel Cochrane to find our wonderful cast was a pleasure. He has a genius for finding unknown actors and making truly inspired decisions. With Red roseKharmel has outdone herself. Each of our cast members is brilliant and we are honored to work with them.”

Nawfal Faizullah, Executive Producer for the BBC, says: “We’re delighted that Michael and Paul’s fantastic scripts have attracted such a brilliant cast of rising stars, and we’re sure audiences will love this gang of misfits as they battle it out. for surviving Red Rose. .”

when and where will it be Red rose be available to view?

Filming for the series has now been completed in Bolton, but a release date has yet to be confirmed. Although we know that Red rose It will air on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer in the UK and on Netflix worldwide.

Watch this space for updates.

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