Bambi Does Beauty: DIY method to check your skin type

The beauty expert shares her free and easy trick to discover your skin type at home, and all you need is 30 minutes.

  • A British skin care specialist has revealed a homemade trick to identify your skin type
  • The method can be done at home and saves the cost of going to a specialist
  • The free trick is to assess how your skin feels after applying the cleanser.
  • How it feels 30 minutes after the cleanser indicates what type of skin you have
  • Skin expert Bambi Does Beauty often shares inexpensive skin care tips online.

A skin care expert has revealed her easy DIY method to check your skin type at home instead of paying hundreds of dollars to have your complexion analyzed by a professional.

Elle McNamara, a British skin specialist who runs the Bambi Does Beauty page, revealed the free hack to her thousands of followers.

The 32-year-old explained that checking how your skin feels 30 minutes after applying the cleanser indicates which of the four skin types you have.

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British skin expert Elle McNamara has revealed a free and easy way to check your skin type at home. Elle runs the popular Bambi Does Beauty skincare page and often shares budget-friendly skincare tips.

‘This skincare hack won’t cost you any more money. There’s a really easy trick to determine your skin type,” she said in his tutorial.

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Elle explained that assessing whether your skin feels tight, rough, oily, or a combination of those after cleansing reveals whether you have dehydrated, dry, oily, or combination skin.

“Cleanse your skin as usual and then leave it on for half an hour,” he instructed.

‘If it feels tight, you have dehydrated skin, if it feels rough to the touch and flaky, you have dry skin, if it looks shiny and feels greasy, you have oily skin, and if it’s a mixture of any of these then you have the mixed skin.’

The skin expert explained that some skins will react in ten minutes instead of 30, for example, dehydrated skin will feel tight very quickly.

The skincare guru transformed her skin after years of heavy makeup and lack of skincare, now looking younger than ever in her thirties.

The skincare guru transformed her skin after years of heavy makeup and lack of skincare, now looking younger than ever in her thirties.

Knowing your skin type allows you to create a more personalized and effective skin care routine using a skin-specific product.

His fans were delighted with the cheap trick.

‘Well, this is useful! Thank you,” said a woman.

‘Love your skinfos, as someone who is a puff pastry, you always speak to my soul!’ another fan wrote.

How to know what type of skin you have:

Clean your face as usual and when it is washed do not apply any product for 30 minutes, then evaluate how it feels to find out what type of skin you have:

* Tight = dehydrated skin

* Rough and scaly or scaly = dry skin

* Shiny and oily = Oily skin

* Combination of any of the above = combination skin

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(Source: BambiDoesBeauty)

Elle has a line of skin care tips and tricks videos that don’t cost any money.

Previously, she revealed an inexpensive hack to get rid of bumps under the skin on your forehead using an inexpensive product that’s “probably already in your bathroom.”

He advised using anti-dandruff shampoo for these types of blemishes, which are usually fungal acne.

Elle applies the shampoo like a mask to her forehead every day, leaves it on for ten minutes, and then rinses it off.

His fans were extremely excited about the budget stunt.

I have tried this and can confirm that it worked for fungal acne! Nothing I tried worked, then I read about it,” said one woman.

“Yeah, this is awesome for fungal acne,” another agreed.

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