Australian actor Eric Bana returns in follow-up thriller to The Dry

By all accounts, it’s the perfect cocktail.

An internationally recognized Australian actor with Hollywood status: Eric Bana.

A follow-up novel to the mystery thriller I dry it (2021) with the same key character written by Melbourne award-winning author Jane Harper.

And an adaptation for a feature film shot entirely on location in the picturesque Yarra Valley in the Victoria region, the Dandenongs and the Otways.

Shake it up and we have force of naturea feature film currently shooting with a compelling story to match and its star, Detective Aaron Falk, returns to the game to investigate the disappearance of a hiker.

bana (Helicopter, Black Hawk down) said he is delighted with the opportunity to reprise his role as a federal agent.

“Jane [Harper] has once again provided an exciting story that gives us another opportunity to showcase some of the unique and incredible Australian scenery,” said Bana.

Harper, on set this week with Bana, writer-director Robert Connolly and the producers, said the new daily she has “great confidence in her ability to create a movie that readers will love.”

“It’s a leap of faith to hand over my own creative work to someone else, so it helps a lot to have a team that I trust,” Harper said.

“I visited the set this week to see the location and meet some of the cast, and what they’re doing looks fantastic.”

‘Very emotional’ return to the big screen

With I dry it reaching number 1 At the Australian box office and grossing $20 million worldwide, it’s no wonder Screen Australia is interested in a follow-up, and Bana is equally interested in getting back in front of a camera after a significant absence.

The official synopsis of force of nature It’s about five women taking part in a corporate hiking retreat, with only four coming out the other side.

Detective Falk and Carmen Cooper (played by Jacqueline McKenzie, romper trampler) head into the Victorian mountain ranges to investigate in hopes of finding their informant, Alice Russell (played by Anna Torv, the news reader, mind hunter), live.

In a May 2021 YouTube interview, Bana was asked about her return to the big screen with a feature film and what was the draw of Harper’s first adaptation. dry it, shot in 2019 during a prolonged drought in the Wimmera Mallee region of northwest Victoria.

“It was very emotional and I love her. [Harper]The representation of the landscape… I felt very protective of the opportunity to do the adaptation.

“It was one of the first movies to be shot in large format here in Australia with that sensor. We wanted to make the most cinematic version. It was always our intention for this to be a theatrical release…it was a huge movie here in Australia.”

Deborra-Lee Furness is among the group of Australian actors taking part in the film. Photo: Traveling exhibition

This time, the cast and crew of force of nature they are located in the thick forests and bushland on the outskirts of Melbourne.

“Eric Bana was an inspired choice for Aaron Falk, and I can’t imagine anyone better in that role. Readers totally embraced Eric as Falk, and he really brought out the heart and soul of the character perfectly,” says Harper. ODD.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to have Eric reprise the role of Falk…and I know he will once again guide audiences through the story in such a compelling way.”

Harper said she loves writing about Australia and there is nothing better than seeing her stories brought to the big screen by “such a talented group of Australian creatives.”

He added: “The environment is always a very important part of the story for me, so I’m very happy that we can celebrate our fantastic landscapes with both.” I dry it Y force of nature made locally.”

eric banana
Classic brooding police scene of Bana at the local pub as she investigates the unsolved death of a teenage girl decades earlier. Photo: Traveling exhibition

The film has received significant production investment from Screen Australia in association with VicScreen.

Victoria Creative Industries Minister Danny Pearson said the government’s $191.5 million VICSCREEN strategy was to “bring more productions to regional destinations and create thousands of jobs across the state”.

“Of Jane Harper winning the Premier’s Literary Award for I dry it so far having a second feature film made in Victoria in the works – this is a stunning Victorian creative success story that will inject $10 million into the state’s economy and showcase Victoria’s regions to the world,” he said.

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