AT THE LIBRARY: Get a reading of other people’s life stories | Entertainment

Biographies and memoirs can tell stories just as fascinating as novels and have the added benefit of allowing us to see life from someone else’s point of view. Biographies used to go in their own section in libraries, making it easy to find for people who love to read them and get insights into life through true stories from the lives of others. Today, libraries catalog them under the subject with which the person is associated: biographies of scientists are in the science section, chefs in the cooking section, and so on.

At Litchfield Library, when a new adult book is clearly a biography or autobiography, I add a green biography tag to make it easier to spot. Memoirs are not always equivalent to autobiographies, so they are not always labeled with a sticker. The library has recently received several biographies and memoirs that you can find with the new books.

— Beth Cronk is Meeker County Librarian for the Pioneerland Library System, overseeing libraries in Litchfield, Cosmos, Dassel, and Grove City.

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