Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Netflix Spy Series UTAP Begins Filming

a new Netflix spy series UTAP has started filming Toronto with arnold schwarzenegger and the show has a connection to one of his previous movies.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is best known for roles like kindergarten police, Predator and more recently Terminator: Dark Fate, as well as many more movies. The new Netflix series, UTAP, it will also be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first scripted serial role outside of the film franchises. (Schwarzenegger’s first TV show is a big deal, folks!)

With such big names attached to the UTAP series like Monica Barbaro, Jay Baruchel Y scott thompson you can bet it will have humor and action-packed fun.

So you know this series has to live up to the hilarity and legend of the original movie, True Liesin which the UTAP series on which it is based. (Not to be confused with the True Lies reboot coming from CBS.)

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Netflix Spy Series UTAP Begins Filming

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Netflix Spy Series UTAP Begins Filming

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Arnold Schwarzenegger stated:

I am always interested in doing different things.

The new Netflix series was announced in late 2020 and is currently filming. Both by Nick Santoro the production company Blackjack Films and Skydance Television are the production companies working on the series. Nick Santora and Arnold Schwarzenegger are executive producers of the new Netflix series. Nick Santora is also the showrunner for the series. Amazon’s Jack Reach and now UTAP. Dana Goldberg, David Ellison and Bill Bost also executive produce the series, with Phil Abraham directing.

Here is the synopsis for UTAP:

A father and daughter have been working as CIA agents for years, but each kept their CIA involvement hidden from the other, resulting in their entire relationship being one giant lie. Learning of each other’s involvement with the CIA, the pair are forced to work together as partners and, against the backdrop of explosive action and espionage, learn who they really are.

UTAP It is also being filmed in Toronto, Canada. There is very limited information about the upcoming spy series, but the description of UTAP It promises to be fun and is worth the wait to see it. Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been amazing in comedies, not to mention that he is the standard for action-adventure movies. So it stands to reason UTAP It will be another great addition to Schwarzenegger’s resume.

Schwarzenegger has kept very quiet about the new project. With the fact that the project was created and aired with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Monica Barbaro attached, the studios definitely made an incredibly tough offer to acquire the script, long before the series even started filming. Skydance Television had also been silent about it being done behind the scenes.

At the end of the raging bidding war, Netflix ended up winning the UTAP script. (Maybe that’s why so many good shows got cancelled?)

Are you excited for UTAP? Do you hope they bring in other well-known actors in later seasons? Do you think UTAP will be a top 10 on Netflix?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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