Ahmed Said Joins Metropolis, a Disruptive Healthcare Contracting Technology Company

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / Aug 5, 2022 / Ahmed Said has joined medical job listing and candidate search provider Metropolis as its first president. He joins Scott Edwards (Founder and CEO) to co-lead Metropolis as he continues his mission to revolutionize the stagnant healthcare recruiting industry.

Metropolis, Friday, August 5, 2022, press release image

Metropolis, Friday, August 5, 2022, press release image

Said is a 20-year veteran of the e-commerce platform industry, holding critical roles at Hotels.com and Verizon SuperPages, most recently as CTO of QUANTIQ, where he strategically positioned the company for acquisition by Avanade.

“The current problem is that there are two sides to the health care recruiting industry,” says Said. “On one side is the recruiting community, which, for the most part, doesn’t have access to the tools necessary to find and match doctors who are passive job seekers, but may still be very valid candidates.”

“On the other side of the equation,” Said continued, “you have doctors who don’t have a place of their own, a place they can go to manage their career and financial goals without being harassed by unprofessional agency recruiters who don’t will stop at nothing to phone you if they get your resume or contact information.

The problem? Recruiters and doctor candidates need each other, but today’s healthcare recruiting tools put them at a disadvantage. That’s not good for recruiters. That’s not good for doctors. And ultimately, that’s not good for US health care consumers.

“No one better than Ahmed Said to bring the best of e-commerce transactions and comparison technologies to healthcare contracting,” said Scott Edwards, CEO of Metropolis. “Today, we can’t imagine a world without sites like Hotels.com and Amazon.com. Tomorrow, the healthcare recruiting industry will shudder at how archaic life was before Metropolis’ ‘electronic recruiting’ technology.”

About Metropolis

metropolis (www.metropolis.tech) is a medical job listing aggregator for physicians and a candidate search provider for medical recruiters across the United States. Metropolis puts candidates and recruiters in direct contact with each other. Unlike traditional job boards and candidate search models, Metropolis does not work with recruiting companies, does not charge placement fees to the recruiting organization, and is completely confidential to the candidate physician.

Metropolis is used by the largest healthcare organizations in the United States, including Advent Health, American Family Care (AHC) Health Centers, HCA Healthcare, Medstar Health, Shriners Hospitals for Children, and the US Army.

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