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Famous makeup artists have the opportunity not only to work with celebrities numerous times, but also to perform frequently. In the Korean entertainment industry, a single lounge worker can meet many singers, actors, entertainers, and more.

Jungkook from BTS finishing his makeup

In an interview with TUTOR, two skilled makeup artists shared details of their experiences up to this point. one was Jeong An Park Who is the make-up supervisor of Soonsoo Cheongdam while the opposite is Kim Yejia salon worker turned freelancer who operates her personal YouTube channel.

One of the main questions they had been asked was the hottest movie star they had met in their careers. While Park Jeong An was hesitant to choose one in consideration of his buyers, Kim Ye Ji instantly identified bts‘s v.

Jeong An Park: I think they will not be happy. I can’t tell in case they’re not happy.

Kim Yeji: v

V for BTS | @thv/Instagram

The BTS member was his best option hands down. In fact, Kim Ye Ji never really worked with him carefully, but she could still tell how beautiful he was. He said that he couldn’t look away from V whenever he was around.

I was not at the cost [of his makeup] but while on recovery trips, as he was doing [the makeup] from different celebrities, I saved it.

—Kim Yeji

Another reason his “unique visual choice” was a big deal to pundits was due to the wide variety of artists he works with. Because he is aware of so many stars, he will not remember them all at once. This is not unusual in his line of work where buyers can change often. Both she and Park Jeong An admitted that there were more artists that she worked with that they were unable to headline at the beginning of the interview.

Jeong An Park: I am currently responsible for a pink, Byun Yohan correctly, Lee Jae Hoon, Yoo Yeon Seok…I honestly…I don’t remember.

Kim Yeji: In the salon, I used to be responsible for Pentagonthe produce 101 woman Season, IOI, Super Junior…I do not take into account.

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BTS’s V, however, was someone who wasn’t simply forgotten. Kim Ye Ji concluded that V has a confident appeal that makes him stand out from the gang.

It just catches my eye!

—Kim Yeji

Check out the full video below to learn more about the life of the expert K-Pop makeup artist.

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