A new football pitch and gazebo are to be built at Radcliffe

Recreational development plans were submitted this week at the Red Bank Playing Fields.

A new artificial floodlit football pitch, pavilion and car park with 83 spaces are to be built on the pitches at Radcliffe.

Plans for recreational development at the Red Bank Playing Fields on Unsworth Street were submitted this week.

Bury Council said the 106m x 70m pitch would accommodate a variety of youth football pitches, a rugby pitch and football training areas. A 4.5 meter high wire mesh fence and six 15 meter high sports floodlight columns around the artificial turf field as well as a single-storey pavilion are also planned.

There will be a car park with 83 spaces and revised access to the pitches.

The fields are currently home to seven grass football fields with a 20-field car park and a disrepaired pavilion in the southwest corner.

The site is bordered by houses and Radcliffe Cricket Club is to the west of the site. The Council has worked with Radcliffe FC, The Football Foundation and Lancashire County FA to fund the project.

An artificial turf pitch is to be built near Radcliffe. Credit: LDRS

A design and access statement released by the Council reads: “This application seeks permission to create a new External Artificial Grass Pitch (AGP) to enhance the sporting and recreational facilities on the pitches.

“The provision of a new AGP will allow increased use compared to the existing grass pitch for the benefit of the existing club, partner organizations and sports clubs and the surrounding area through a pre-arranged and structured approach. The new AGP will feature a variety of football pitches and training areas within the same enclosed playing surface to support grassroots development plans.

“In line with current Football Association (FA) technical guidance, the aim is to introduce multiple pitch markings to achieve the maximum

Results of football development and benefit from the presence of the location.”

The current vehicle entrance at Unsworth Street would be widened to allow better access and views of the site and to accommodate the planned larger car park.

The motion said that if approved, a booking system would be put in place. The proposed 3G pitch and pavilion will be managed by the Radcliffe Football Foundation under a long-term management lease from Bury Council.

The opening and closing of this facility will be managed by the existing site team, with facilities supervised at all times and users expected to adhere to a code of conduct. This includes not leaving any rubbish on the premises, not using profanity or insults and using the parking spaces provided without disturbing the neighbours.

The plans will be examined by Bury Council in the coming weeks.

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