“A bit like Football Factory, he shouted insults and ran away”

Dave Attwood has compared the crazy night of 2013 that resulted in Gavin Henson being KO’d by Carl Fearns in a Bath bar to an outtake from the hooligan film The Football Factory. It’s been nine years to the day since the former Wales international made headlines for the wrong reasons just a month after joining the Premiership club in pre-season.

Henson had arrived in Bath after a season at London Welsh and was keen to make a good first impression, insisting he would not go out drinking at a team social evening.

He eventually relented, however, and while ex-England lockdown Attwood Henson described as great fun at first, his behavior soon spiraled out of control. Attwood, who is returning to Bath from Bristol this summer, lashed out at the infamous night and said the side were to blame – not Henson – for what transpired.

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Dave Attwood on Broke with Owen Farrell, Sam Burgess & New Bath Era | RugbyPass Outsourcing | EP 35

Attwood also explained how Gary Gold, then Bath coach, reacted when he dragged lock- and hooker Rob Webber into his office for an explanation after the story of the knockout punch hit the media.

“Gavin stressed that he wasn’t drinking at our team party at the Thatchers factory, he said, ‘No, I don’t drink, boys,'” Attwood explained during his colorful performance this week RugbyPod Offload.

“We said, ‘Have a drink, have a drink’. We basically kept going until he broke and then he couldn’t put it down. It was our own fault that it happened and we take full responsibility for it, but honestly it was so much fun, so much fun until about 11 and it was like, ‘Okay, that’s enough for now Gav . Thank you, you were great’. But he just kept going.

“At one point the whole Bath squad chased him around Bath. A bit like Football Factory, he was yelling insults and running away and then we were in this bar and he said something to Carl Fearns and Fearns didn’t have that. Out like a light. The next morning, Gary Gold called me and Rob Webber into the office and said, ‘What happened last night?’

“The footage was all over The Sun, it had been released and there was a big one hoo-ha. He was, “What the hell happened guys?” ‘Honestly Gary we wish we knew mate we must have been in the other bar or something’. “Really, were you?”

“He flips his screen on his MacBook and it’s the CCTV footage with me and Rob standing at the bar and Gav and Fearnsy standing next to us. It all happened before our eyes and Gary was like, ‘Were you in the other room?’ So bad.”


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