5 Korean Horror Shows On Netflix That Will Give You The Chills

The month of terror is slowly reaching its climax and the search for good scares is reaching its peak for the Halloween season, and what better place to find them than Netflix? And if we’re looking for a worthwhile horror show, then there’s no better place than to take a look at the South Korean industry.

So today we bring you a list of Korean horror shows that are perfect for the spooky binge you are preparing for Halloween night and believe me, you won’t regret watching this list!

So, without further ado, here are 5 Korean shows on Netflix that are perfect for bringing the scare to your doorsteps this Halloween!

5 Korean Horror Shows on Netflix

Sweet Home

Let’s start this list with something light, and this is exactly what Sweet Home will bring you in this night of fear. With a bit of comedy mixed with horror, this is the perfect start to spooky Halloween night.

Sweet Home is a Korean horror series based on a webtoon of the same name that follows the struggle for survival of a troubled teenager and his neighbors as they cling to their humanity. However, with humans turning into monsters one after another, can this group survive?

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Clock Sweet Home on Netflix.

Native city

This horror thriller is next on the list to make the binge session exciting with a murder mystery that will take you on an unforgettable journey that will leave you in shock at the end. This 12-episode series brings a gripping story that is filled with brainwashing, gore, murder, and more.

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Native city revolves around a recording tape discovered in a small town in 1999 that is linked to a series of kidnappings and deaths that leaves investigators baffled. Faced with the disappearance of his niece, Jo Jung-hyun must find the truth and also his missing niece.

Look at Native city on Netflix.


This terrifying supernatural horror will give you the perfect scare this Halloween and you won’t regret putting it on your list, not until you’re someone who can handle the scare. This 6 episode horror is the perfect watch for those with a strong heart on scare night.

Infernal brings us the story of beings from another world who appear from nowhere to issue a decree and condemn individuals to hell. However, with the rise of a religious group in the midst of this chaos, there is a deeper secret behind this chaos.

Clock Infernal on Netflix.

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The damn

This fast-paced 12-episode horror will take you on a supernatural case that will keep you glued to your screens until the very end. With a suspenseful storyline and an amazing cast, this is definitely a Kdrama you can’t miss!

The damn brings to you the story of a reporter who wants to reveal the truth behind a violent case involving a large IT company only to find a connection between the company and shamanism. Along the way of investigating him, she also befriends a girl who is possessed by a spirit and has a special ability.

Clock The damn on Netflix.


Last on this list is a zombie terror that can’t be left behind. From an incredible plot to cringe-inducing twists and turns, this show seamlessly blends zombies with a historical setting. This means that you not only get the palace drama with its plots, but also a zombie story that will make you want more.

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Starring Jong Ji-hoon, Kingdom is a historical zombie thriller that will bring you the kind of palace politics that will keep you hooked. The show revolves around a crown prince who has been conspired as a traitor. With the Kind ill, the crown prince embarks on a journey to find a doctor to cure his father. However, he soon meets a person with a deadly secret.

Clock Kingdom on Netflix.

Which of these scared you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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