What you need to know about the Houston Women’s Magazine

“This is a great opportunity to tell the story of the women who created the Houston chapter of the Women’s Digest Magazine.

I think it’s really important for us to have that representation.”

–Houston author Naomi Wolf, who was a contributing editor for the magazine before she was fired last year by publisher HarperCollins, said the move is a win for women’s magazines.

“I think it is a huge victory,” Wolf said.

“Houston has always been known as a city that is a melting pot of women, and we are proud of the role that Houston women played in creating and supporting the Women in Houston chapter.

We have the same rights and privileges as anyone else.”

Wolf said she’s been excited about working on the issue for the past few months.

She said the book will be a collection of interviews with Houston women.

“It’s a very important book because it will really reflect the women’s stories and their lives,” Wolf told The Huffington Post.

“This will be the first time that women have been able to write about their experiences in Houston.”

She said the project will be about Houston’s women and their stories, as well as their relationship with women in the broader community.

“This is the first of many pieces we will be working on with Houston’s diverse women,” Wolf added.

“I’m very excited that we will get this first installment out, and I am looking forward to the book being shared in print.”

The book will feature interviews with the Houston chapters of the Houston Chronicle, Houston Chronicle Online, the Houston Press and the Houston Post.

Wolf said the collection will include essays and stories that will hopefully reflect the diversity of Houston’s woman.

“We are going to be looking at the history and present of Houston as a whole, and how Houston has been evolving over time,” Wolf explained.

“It will be an exciting read.”

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