New survey shows women are more accepting of ‘rape culture’

An online survey has found that women are much more accepting than men of the concept of rape culture, which refers to the widespread practice of sexual violence in the country, and that men are more likely to believe the stories of victims.

The survey by Women on Fire, a women’s rights organisation, and the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR), a public policy research institute, found that men and women believe rape is a less serious crime than other forms of violence.

In its report, Women on Flame said the survey showed that the majority of women believed rape to be a less severe crime than some other forms, such as theft and robbery.

The researchers said that while the survey was conducted on behalf of the Women on fire website, its findings were shared with the organisation by other researchers.

The study also found that people who believe rape to occur in a less violent context than other types of crime are more willing to accept the victim’s version of events.

However, when the participants were asked about the possibility of the victim committing another crime, the responses were much less accepting of the notion.

“There is a huge gap between the stories we hear from the men and the stories that are told to us by women,” said Dr Ayesha Patel, the study’s lead author.

“Men are often told to believe that it’s the woman’s fault, that she’s not taking care of the kids properly, and so on.”

Dr Patel said the findings could help women understand how rape and sexual assault are still so widely reported in India, and what to do when they see such stories on TV or hear about them in news articles.

“They are often portrayed as normal.

But what they’re not is that normal and acceptable,” she said.

“The real problem is that rape and rape culture are still prevalent.”

The survey asked participants to imagine a scenario where they were in a room with three men and three women.

They were told that the men had sexually assaulted the woman and had threatened her.

The woman told the men to leave her alone, but they persisted and began to beat her.

She tried to run away but they caught up to her.

When she tried to tell them to stop, they dragged her to the door.

“I’m not going to go through that again,” she says, repeating the threat over and over.

“It’s not just me, I’m not the only one who has been raped.

It happens every day.”

‘Men are not allowed to talk’ In the survey, the participants are told that rape is not a crime in India and that they should be willing to listen to the woman.

“Even though there is rape culture in this country, men are not even allowed to speak about it.

We are told, if we ask questions, the woman will tell us that she is being raped,” said Rajita Chaudhary, one of the co-founders of Women on Fires.

She added that the women were asked if they thought the men were guilty.

“But we know that the truth is that there is no truth in what the woman has told.

So why is this so hard for us to accept?”

Dr Patel added that she hoped the results would be used to teach men to understand how to protect themselves from sexual assault.

“We hope the findings will also help people who are in situations where they have experienced rape to understand why they feel they are not able to protect their own family,” she told The Indian Express.

“Our goal is to educate the men on how to defend themselves from rape and to also educate the women about how to be prepared for rape.”

The study was conducted between July and October last year.

According to the survey’s findings, 71 per cent of respondents said they would be willing if the woman reported the rape, compared to just 28 per cent who said they were not willing.

The figures for the other gender also varied widely, with women reporting rape at a higher rate than men.

When asked about their reaction to a rape, women reported a high level of concern.

Of the respondents, 66 per cent reported they were shocked, while only 15 per cent said they felt frightened.

Women were also more likely than men to be fearful when a rape was reported to the police, with 74 per cent saying they were scared, compared with just 19 per cent in the case of the men.

Dr Patel is a former professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), the same university where Dr Roshan was sexually assaulted in 2007.

Dr Chaudwary said the rape was the third assault she had suffered in the last two years, as the university was under pressure from the government to investigate the case.

She said the university is still investigating the case and is working on ways to support victims.

“As a woman who has faced rape in the past, I have had the courage to stand up and speak out,” she wrote in an email to The Indian Times.

“To my colleagues who

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