Why the ‘radiant’ women’s magazines in the UK are now disappearing

When Radiant Women’s Magazine was founded in 2001, it was the first and only magazine to openly discuss transgender issues, including trans women.

The title of the magazine came from the fact that Radiant is a women’s journal, not a men’s one.

This made the magazine an ideal outlet for discussing transgender issues and for women to share their stories and experiences.

But today, Radiant’s website, which lists a number of features including a transgender section, no longer exists, leaving many transgender women with no option but to leave the UK altogether. 

With the exception of a few of the more notable magazines like The Advocate and Cosmopolitan, the majority of transgender women in the US have either left the UK entirely or stopped going to magazines.

As a result, the issue of the UK’s dwindling transgender population is one that many in the transgender community and the media have grappled with for years. 

The UK has seen a dramatic increase in the number of transgender people entering and leaving the country since 2011, and it is now the country with the largest transgender population in the world, with around 1.5 million transgender people living in the country, according to the UK National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS).

The NTDS found that one in four trans women (26.5%) in the U.K. identified as transgender.

The figure rose to one in three trans women in Scotland, one in five in Wales and one in six in Northern Ireland.

The UK’s transgender population has grown exponentially in the last two decades, and with the UK government’s transgender policy now coming under fire, trans women are increasingly turning to alternative platforms to cover their stories.

The trans-centric culture of the transgender-friendly Cosmopolitan and Radiant has been decimated by the media’s focus on gender identity issues.

But while transgender women are leaving the UK, a handful of the country’s most popular women’s and beauty magazines are still going strong. 

This month, Cosmopolitan was the subject of a controversial article published by Cosmopolitan.com, an online magazine that is often a popular place for trans women to discuss the trans experience.

In the article, published on March 11, writer Sarah Evershed claimed that the magazine’s editor, Rachel Raskin, was using the trans community to further her career. 

“It’s the transgender women who make up the Cosmo women, and Rachel Rassins career is inextricably linked to their lives,” Evershing wrote.

“They are not merely the editors, they are the women who run Cosmo.” 

But Cosmopolitan did not immediately respond to requests for comment. 

In a follow-up article published on February 26, Eversheed argued that “a culture of transgender-patriarchy” is “more prevalent in the cosmopolitan, trans-friendly, trans feminist and queer circles of the U (UK) than anywhere else in the United States.” 

This argument echoed a previous Cosmopolitan article, which claimed that trans women, who make around one-third of the population in Britain, were often targeted by the transgender industry.

“It’s not just that there’s a very real threat to trans women,” Ebershed continued.

“There’s also a very serious threat to the Cosmopolitan community, which is a very significant part of the overall trans community in the whole of the United Kingdom.” 

In March, the Guardian reported that Cosmo has seen its online presence in Britain fall by 25 percent in the past two years.

The newspaper said that the decline was “largely due to a series of policy changes at the heart of the Cosmopolis brand that are pushing women away from the magazine and towards online spaces and platforms.” 

The decline of Cosmo was a blow to many transgender and nonbinary women in Britain who were hoping that the publication would be able to offer a platform for trans stories. 

A spokesperson for Cosmopolitan told BuzzFeed News that “the Cosmopolitan brand is in the process of changing the way it works with women and is working to ensure that we continue to be the destination for the stories that matter most to us.” 

Cosmo’s spokesperson added that the company has been in discussions with its LGBT community since the publication of the article. 

Cosmopolitan, which has been around for more than 20 years, has consistently published the likes of former President Michelle Obama, actress Kate Winslet, and author Caitlyn Jenner, among others. 

Evershed’s claim that transgender women “make up the majority” of the readership of Cosmopolitan in the Middle East was a lie.

The number of trans women readership in the Arab world is much lower than the UK. 

But the claim that the majority are trans is a lie, and one that has been repeated by the likes and collaborators of The Advocate, Cosmo, and other publications. 

As a result of this lie, a number trans women

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