Which is better? Women’s Magazine or Women’s?

In a series of posts on its Women’s Weekly website, the publication’s flagship magazine, the website and Twitter account for Women’s magazine have made no secret of its intent to focus its readership in a more gender-balanced direction. 

But in a piece that was published on its website Wednesday, Women’s editor-in-chief Liza Harvey admitted that the magazine’s focus on gender is not necessarily the most successful of its goals. 

The goal is not to sell a bunch of magazines.

We want to be an inclusive magazine, Harvey said.

It’s about being inclusive, and how we’re going to be able to do that. 

 “We don’t want to make a lot of money,” she said.

“That’s the goal, but we want to continue to give a voice to women.” 

Harvey did not address any specific issues with the issue of women in the workplace. 

Harley did say that the website has changed to more reflect its more gender inclusive tone. 

“I think that this has been a great step,” she told Vice News.

“It’s about giving voice to all of our readers.

That’s what we’re trying to do.” 

 In its previous post, Harvey shared that the publication has had an increase in female-owned businesses. 

While the publication still lags behind women’s magazines in terms of female-run businesses, Harvey’s comments indicated that the company is taking a different approach than most other women’s publications in its approach to the business side of publishing. 

In February, Harvey wrote on the website that the publisher had been working with a number of organizations to address gender equity issues in its publishing.

“We are working with organizations to tackle some of the big issues that are facing the industry,” she wrote.

“We have a new office, and we’re also working on an initiative to expand our workforce.” 

The company has recently released a list of gender-neutral names for its employees, and has also added a page of job descriptions that have gender neutral language. 

After years of struggling to attract female readers and advertisers, Harvey, along with other women in journalism, has seen a surge in new businesses that are targeting women. 

And now, the magazine is taking another step toward its goal of having a diverse workforce. 

On Wednesday, the Women’s website announced a new “Women’s Week” in its lineup, which will feature articles, articles on the rise of the transgender community and a listicle titled “The Next 50 Years: How a New Age of Female Media Is Changing the World.” 

A list of contributors to the Women Weekly magazine can be found here: http://www.womenweekly.com/news/news-articles/sport-sports-soccer-world-cup-women-week-news-story/article_9bf1eb9e-9e8b-4c0b-8b57-d6f5a2b8c8c0.html

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