When the US loses its soul: Why you should never let go of your faith

By MAHER ABDEL KOUDDOUSIS | The Jerusalem TimesWhen I was growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, I remember hearing that my Jewishness was something to be proud of.

It was an important part of my identity.

But now, with the rise of the far right and Islamophobia, my religion has been targeted.

As an American Jew, I find it difficult to believe that I have a Jewish identity.

I am proud of my American Jewish heritage and I do not see any contradiction there.

But as a person who is Muslim, I am concerned that my religion is being used to promote anti-Muslim prejudice.

As a Jew, Islam is my religion, and as a Muslim, my faith has always been a part of who I am.

I have heard from my friends that people are calling for my conversion to Islam.

I have been called names.

But in the end, I will never convert.

In the end my faith will be there.

My religion is not a religion.

I was raised in a secular culture.

I learned about Islam from people who were not Muslims.

My faith is my identity and I am a proud American Jew.

The first time I ever went to an Islamic school, it was at age eight.

My friends and I sat down to eat lunch in the cafeteria and the teachers began to introduce us to the imam.

I remember thinking, “How are they even going to teach this stuff to us?”

I was so embarrassed and confused, and I never forgot it.

The imam was an excellent teacher, and we were taught to see our faith in the context of our life.

We were taught that the Quran was the word of God, and that Muslims are the only true believers.

I was also taught that Islam was not about hating anyone or rejecting anyone, but rather, that it was about loving others.

I never once heard any criticism of Islam.

It wasn’t until I graduated from college that I heard about the radicalization of young Muslims.

This was before the internet, and the internet was still in its infancy.

I found it ironic that my Muslim identity was being used as a weapon against my religion.

It would have been easy for me to say, “This is why I am Muslim.

This is why Muslims are such good people.”

I am not a racist.

I believe that the hatred I have felt towards Muslims stems from my ignorance.

But I cannot forget that the violence I have experienced as a young Muslim woman, the hate I have faced from the police and other people in the Muslim community, and now from Islamophobes, is the result of my own ignorance.

There is a growing trend of anti-Islamic sentiment, and this is no accident.

The United States has been under attack for over a decade now, and it is now becoming evident that the Islamic State has been able to recruit people from all over the world.

This has given rise to an unprecedented level of Islamophobia in the United States.

This is a dangerous time in American politics.

Trump and the Republicans in Congress are not interested in tackling the root causes of this problem.

This country has been in a constant state of crisis for decades now.

This situation is getting worse and worse.

The recent murder of an American Muslim journalist, Mohammad Abu Khattala, was the latest example.

The violence is getting much worse.

We are living in a post-9/11 era.

We cannot afford to be complacent.

We need to keep pushing back against this Islamophobia.

I am Jewish, and Muslims are my greatest community.

When we were growing up, I felt proud to be Jewish.

But today, I do feel like I am losing my Jewish identity, and even though I am an American citizen, I know that I am still not an American.

In the past, when I was a teenager, I was excited to go to a Jewish school, and so I enrolled in a Jewish community college.

I loved the Jewish school and the culture.

And I was even accepted to a few Jewish clubs.

It is an amazing feeling to be accepted and respected for who you are.

But in the eyes of the American government, it is a religion, which is not something I can embrace.

I would rather be Muslim, which I am, than to have my identity taken away from me.

I grew up as a Jew.

I came to the United Kingdom to study at the University of Oxford, where I was accepted into the Jewish community.

But after a few years, I realized that I was no longer Jewish.

I also realized that Islam did not make sense for me.

I began to understand that I did not fit in the world of Jewish life.

When I went to the Islamic center, the imams were very welcoming, but the imaminations seemed more interested in teaching the Quran than in me.

As a teenager I wanted to be a doctor

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