‘Weimar’ magazine to be sold in Australia

Weimar women are to be relaunched in an online catalogue under a new women’s active magazine.

The publication, launched by the Weimar International Women’s Forum (WEF) in Germany last month, will be launched as a joint venture between the organisation and the Women’s International Forum.

The German-based magazine will be produced in partnership with German media group Deutsche Welle, which will be the main publishing partner.

The Weimar Women’s Institute, which organises the Weisfeld (Women’s Forum) has been involved in the Weisens publications since its founding in 1920.

It has been run since 1924 by a board of directors.

The group will also run a new monthly magazine, The Weisen, which it hopes will bring more diversity to its pages.

It will include a “bible section”, as well as a section on women’s lives and work, and a section about women’s art.

The magazine will run from December 1, with all editions released by the end of March.

It is a response to a new Australian market where Weiseners publications have been steadily declining in popularity.

It comes as Australia prepares to welcome thousands of refugees arriving on the continent.

About half of the migrants who have arrived in Australia are women, according to figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Weisens circulation is currently down from an average of about 1 million readers a month in the 1920s.

The organisation says it is working to find a way to return circulation to that level, but that the problem is likely to remain.


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