KPFA: ‘We were not aware of the harassment that was going on.’

This article first appeared in the October 24, 2018 issue of Woman’s Magazine.

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The following are excerpts from an interview with the author, Amy C. Jones, about the experiences of Jewish women in the United States: Amy C Jones, Contributing Editor, Women’s Magazine: I had to leave my home in Chicago for a few months when my husband and I were told we were leaving the country because of our family.

We were moving from Brooklyn to L.A. when my father died.

He was a rabbi and a member of a powerful family.

My mother was a member as well, so we were very much a family, and my father’s death made me feel like I was leaving my home and family behind.

It felt like the world was suddenly being taken over.

When I left, it was very hard to leave.

There were some very tough decisions that I had made.

My first trip out of the country was to New York City and L.G.B.T. shelters.

We went to one of those in the Bronx and I met a lot of young women there who were really open and kind and open with me.

One woman in particular, who had worked at a Jewish women’s shelter, came over to our apartment and talked about what she had learned about the shelters.

She had a huge stack of documents and her hand-written notes on the walls and on the table and everything, and it was just heartbreaking to see her crying.

That was when I realized that the trauma that I was going through was the trauma of my mother’s death, and that the shelter where I was staying was a huge part of that.

There was a group of women who were there and they just told me about how they’d felt, that they had felt the same trauma that the women in my group had, and they were not afraid to come out and say it.

I didn’t feel comfortable coming out at the time, but after I left New York and my family moved to L, I felt comfortable.

I went to the Women’s March, which was very empowering for me.

I was a part of the march and I was part of what was happening at that time, and I had a lot to say about it, because that was my first exposure to the fact that I wasn’t alone.

It was really healing to be a part.

I am grateful for that.

The first time that I heard of an anti-Semitism on a train was during my trip to Washington, D.C., when I was on a flight.

I stopped at the Capitol.

I got off the train and my train mate said, “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

She said, I don’t know what to say, and then she looked at me and said, You know what, I really don’t think this is good for us.

The next day, I was with the National Alliance and I said to them, “What are you talking about?

This is very disturbing, and we’ve never had this kind of anti-Semitic reaction.”

I think that we just had this incredible response from people.

That’s when I started noticing this anti-Jewish bias in America.

I’ve seen that from a lot, I’ve heard that from women and I’ve had conversations with people who’ve said, Well, I’m Jewish, and if you’re a woman, I’ll understand that you’re just trying to be sensitive and sensitive and understand what the Jewish community is going through.

And that’s when it was really really hard for me to leave the country and to go to a safe place, to a place that wasn’t the Jewish Community Center or the synagogue or the community center.

I’m very grateful for the leadership of the Jewish leadership in D.D.C. to come in and help me.

But the anti-Zionism was so real and so prevalent.

I remember being on a plane to the Middle East, and one of the passengers said to me, You’re going to need to take off your shoes.

I told her, I just don’t have the courage to go out.

I felt really bad about it.

That really impacted me because I was so young and I felt like, What the hell is going on?

And then after the first time, I said, Wait a minute.

We’re not going to be safe, and there are so many things that we can do about it if we are willing to work together.

But they didn’t care about me and they didn.

And so I kind of had to take that as my badge of honor.

The second time that we got to the U.S., we were in the midst of a really big immigration wave.

I think it was like 10 million people were here illegally and we

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