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to appear on Women’s Health article There’s been a lot of buzz about women’s health lately, so it’s not surprising that Women’s health magazine, a longtime magazine of the magazine industry, is on the verge of closing its doors.

A new version of the online publication, published in 2017 by the online publishing company RedMint, was launched last week and was announced at the time of its relaunch as “an independent digital magazine that focuses on women’s issues.”

The company announced in March that it would not continue to publish the magazine after it was bought by a consortium of women’s publishing companies, including RedMinter.

The women’s magazine has not released a statement.

The company also published a video in 2016, showing former editor-in-chief Sarah Blythe at the center of the women’s fitness industry.

She said at the Time Women’s Summit in 2016 that women were being “sexually assaulted” and that they needed to change their bodies.

“We need to be the best body we can be,” Blythus said at a conference in 2017.

Blyths comments sparked an outpouring of criticism from women’s advocates and some feminists.

They argued that Blyhis views were outdated and that the women who started the magazine were “unfit to work in the industry.”

In a statement, Women’s Healthcare, a women’s healthcare nonprofit, said that it was “disappointed” in the decision.

“With its current direction, Women and Health magazine will no longer be an important source of information for our members, as it will no more provide an opportunity for the women of the industry to speak out,” the statement said.

The Women’s Care Foundation, a nonprofit focused on the healthcare needs of women, also criticized the closure.

“Women are suffering at the hands of an industry that is too often focused on short-term profit and not listening to women’s needs,” the group said in a statement on Wednesday.

Women’s healthcare was not the only industry that was shuttered last year.

Other notable publications like Men’s Health and were also sold to other groups.

The news came as part of a larger media consolidation in the U.S. that has been occurring since the 2016 election.

Many of the companies that merged into larger companies are trying to make sure that their content does not influence the news cycle.

“It’s a great opportunity for women to grow their businesses and to become even better, but it’s also a great risk,” says Emily Schumacher, who manages a digital marketing company called Pivotal.

“You’re basically saying that the news has moved on to something else, but this company has been around for a long time and has a very deep history.”

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