How to get a better read on women’s issues

WOMEN’S MAGAZIN | February 24, 2019 | 12:48 p.m.

EST — The New York Times Magazine has ranked women’s media as the most influential source of information in the United States, ahead of both men’s and women’s, according to its 2017 Women in Media survey.

The top three female-focused magazines were The New Yorker, Women, and The Atlantic, according the Times.

The survey also found that The New Republic, the largest-circulation women’s publication, had the highest number of female-friendly content on its website.

The poll was conducted by the Times and the Atlantic in late-January.

A similar survey by Women’s Media in 2014 found that women’s publications were the most valuable source of news for consumers and advertisers.

Among the top 10 female-specific articles of the year were: Women in Business: How to become a successful woman; How to be a successful businesswoman; How To Become a Successful Manager; and How to Be a Successfully Independent Businesswoman.

Top 10 women’s-specific issues of the month included: The Most Important People in Your Life: The Importance of Being Your Best Friend; How the Most Important Women in Your World Think; and The 10 Most Important Places to Live.

Women’s magazines ranked as the top source of new content for readers in 2017.

Among them were: The New Woman, the magazine that has long pushed for the advancement of women in business; The Girl Who Knew Too Much, the women’s business magazine; The Next Women’s Revolution, which has been critical of current trends in women’s leadership; and Women in the World, which features content that highlights the importance of women’s voices.

Women in Technology and the Arts also ranked highly in 2017, the survey found.

Women are more likely to be included in digital media and more likely than men to have access to a range of content.

The Times ranked women in entertainment, media and technology at No. 5, behind the likes of The New Girl, The Daily Beast, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Among women in media, the Times ranked Women in Entertainment at No., The New Female Power at No and Cosmopolitan at No, according a study published by the Women’s Business Journals Institute.

The Atlantic ranked women as the biggest news source for men, ahead at No: The Women in Tech Industry.

Women dominate the online media landscape, and the New York Post has been the most popular women’s daily newspaper in the world for decades.

Among its female-centric titles, The Atlantic’s women’s edition is No. 1, followed by The New Statesman, The New American, and Cosmo.

The most-read women’s stories from 2017 were The Next Big Thing: Women, Feminism and the Future of Capitalism, and How Women Are Changing the World.

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