How to be a top woman in Poland

POLAND — A top Polish woman magazine is out with a list of 10 things women can do to make their own lives better.

Top woman’s mag Polish Women’s Weekly says that women need to focus on their health, fitness, social interaction, and even their careers.

Top women’s lifestyle magazine Womens Magazine has a similar list.

Women’s Magazine is out this week with the “100 Things to Do in the First Year of Your New Life” list.

The magazine has also released its “100 Ways to Become the Perfect Woman.”

The 10-item list, titled “100 things to do in the first year of your new life,” includes everything from making friends to being a good mother.

Womans says these items are the most important things women should do to live their life.

“The idea is to take care of yourself, be healthy, be active, be connected to your friends, and have fun,” said Jana Jankiewicz, Women Magazine’s executive editor.

“That’s it.”

The magazine has done the research and compiled it by analyzing the top 10 women’s magazines.

The list includes women’s sports, fashion, beauty, beauty trends, fitness and fitness tips, health, and dating.

“It’s an extremely diverse group of women who are not only women, but women of different backgrounds, races and nationalities,” said Joanna Bialasiewicz, managing editor of Woman’s Magazine.

“We have to remember that the goal of a women’s life is to be happy and healthy.”

Jankiewicz says this is the first time women’s mags have been included in a list.

“Women are going to need to be more involved, more creative, and more open with themselves in terms of their health,” she said.

Womans magazine is part of the top women’s clothing retailer

Topshop was founded in 2003 by Joanna Bolland, an American entrepreneur.

She also founded Topshop Beauty, which she sold to the Gap for $6 billion in 2016.

Wolongos beauty brand has a female line and has been in the top five in the beauty category since 2016.

It was the top-selling beauty brand in the United States in 2016, according to the International Beauty Council.

The magazine lists the 10 most important reasons to be healthy for women.

For example, women need “good health habits,” “healthy eating,” “to have a career,” “support your family,” and “to love your body.”

It also lists things that can help you live a healthier lifestyle: “to exercise and have a safe, healthy lifestyle,” and to make time to “work, shop, and socialize.”

Womens magazine is now available at the top 50 retailers, and the Womani store.

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