Why do women’s interests magazines exist?

In the fall of 2008, I was on the cover of one of the most respected magazines in the world, Glamour.

The cover featured the first image of a woman wearing a dress and a headscarf.

I was also featured on the back cover with a picture of a young woman wearing the same dress.

The magazine was an inspiration to me and to my generation of female journalists who had never before faced such an image of women.

The picture was of me in my 30s, wearing a black headscarafes.

When I read the cover, I felt like I was living in a fairy tale, like I had just been born and was still a child.

I immediately started thinking about what the photo meant to me.

The image of me, wearing my hijab, was a symbol of how I had always felt that the world was a strange place and that my identity was somehow different from the rest of the population.

But that image was also a symbol for me of how much I had struggled to find my place in society.

It also symbolized the struggle that I had experienced growing up in the Middle East, the fact that I was born and raised in an era of conflict.

It meant to many of us growing up that we were born to live in the shadow of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim World League (MWL), which is the ideological arm of the Saudi regime.

The first time I saw this image, I had no idea what the article meant to a Muslim woman.

I didn’t know what the word hijab meant, so I had to learn.

I also didn’t understand that I wasn’t allowed to wear a head scarf.

I thought that I would just wear a scarf that I’d taken from my mother’s hijab.

In fact, I wore the same scarf in the cover photograph of Glamor, even though I didn´t know what it meant to be a Muslim.

I felt confused and disappointed, so it was a while before I learned about what this hijab meant to Muslim women.

This hijab symbolizes that I am a member of the Middle Eastern world, the Islamic world, and the Islamic nation.

It symbolizes the Islamic way of life.

In my mind, I couldn´t have a hijab without being a member or a citizen of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

I am Iranian, I am Muslim, and I am the daughter of a Persian woman who had to flee Iran for her own safety in 1982.

Iran has always been a country in which women have been denied the right to live their lives as women and women have always had to fight for their rights.

But I wasn´t sure if I would be able to have a head covering without being part of a society that has been so hostile to women and a country that has oppressed them.

I couldn’t even imagine being a woman in Iran without being surrounded by people who don´t respect women, like my grandfather.

I became a journalist, and when I started covering women’s issues, I began to question the assumptions and prejudices I encountered as a young journalist.

I started thinking, What does the hijab really mean?

And what is the meaning of hijab?

I started looking at the meaning behind hijab as a symbol.

In the first years after I began covering women´s issues, it wasn´ts always clear what hijab meant.

I would hear from other women about the symbols they were wearing and the meaning that they were conveying.

I asked myself, Is this what I am supposed to wear?

I was not sure.

But as I began learning more about hijab, I started to see the symbols in hijab that made me think of the hijab as an important symbol of Islam.

In my mind it symbolized that Islam is a way of living, of living for the sake of Allah, and that women are allowed to have the freedom to choose their own religion and lifestyle.

This symbol also symbolizes my father, who taught me to love my mother and my mother is not a follower of Islam and I want to be an honest Muslim.

In this way, the hijab symbolized my own freedom.

I wanted to be free to express my beliefs and my thoughts without fear.

I decided to wear the hijab in the same way that my mother was.

I always wore a headcover.

When my mother told me that she had worn a hijab and I could wear it, I thought, Oh my god.

That is so brave.

My mother was a woman of faith and I have to be my own woman.

She wore a hijab because she felt that it was her duty to protect her daughter from the oppression of the Iranian regime.

In Iran, my mother had to dress in an Islamic manner, which she knew well.

It was a religious and cultural tradition that my father also followed.

In other words, my father had to do his own part in the struggle against the oppressive regime in Iran.

So I wore my hijab and made

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