When you’re pregnant with the perfect baby: How to take care of your baby’s health

The mother of a woman with Down syndrome says she is grateful for all the help she’s received during her pregnancy, and even after she gave birth.

In a video interview with ABC News, Sarah Koehler, who is now 33, said she has had support from her mother, who was able to keep her busy while she was pregnant.

“It was really hard to let her down and to do what she needed to do for me and my baby,” Koehl said.

“She helped me a lot during that time, because she was the one who would take care when I had some trouble.”

It’s an important role for women who have a genetic disease to play in the care of their children, said Dr. Jill Dickey, a maternal and fetal medicine expert at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

“I think there are a lot of women who are not given the opportunity to be mothers, and that is because women of color are not considered mothers, but as soon as they are pregnant, they are not seen as mothers,” she said.

The woman who is not pregnant has a rare genetic disorder called T2D, which can lead to Down syndrome.

Koehler said her mother helped keep her company during her pregnancies.

“My mom was always kind and she was always there for me, and she would take time out for me,” she told ABC News.

Kroehler, from Largo, Florida, gave birth to her son, Austin, at the age of 22 in February.

The two are now expecting their first child together.

“He has a really good eye for things and for anything that could possibly help him,” Kroehler said.

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