When you have a woman’s worth

Woman’s worth magazine’s editors have written an article urging readers to treat women with respect, with the caveat that some are worth far more than others.

“For women with a history of mental illness, their worth is far greater than that of their peers,” the editors write in the July issue, entitled “Women’s Worth: A Guide to Understanding Your Worth.”

“When we find out who your worth is, we are reminded to respect it, not to devalue it,” the authors add.

The issue’s lead author, Alyssa Zellner, told The Jerusalem Times that she wanted to write the piece in order to encourage readers to “look beyond their gender and see themselves in the face of others.”

The women of color who appear in the article are described as “smart, resilient, talented, strong, and beautiful,” and they are often depicted in the magazine as “unfairly valued” for their disabilities.

The article, which is one of several in the month-long magazine, also offers advice on how to “break down social norms and assumptions about what makes a woman, and what makes her worth,” and asks readers to consider whether they “have the capacity to take on a leadership role and lead” the movement for justice for the rights of the LGBT community.

Zellner also spoke about her desire to continue working on the issue, and said that she hopes to work on the book “by the end of the year.”

“I want to be a feminist for a long time,” she said.

“I hope that this issue will inspire other people to be more feminist and to start challenging social expectations around women.”

She also discussed the challenges that come with being a woman of color and said she wanted her readers to be able to “come together as a community” in order “to change the status quo.”

“In order to achieve justice for all, we must not only fight for the right to be treated with dignity, but also the right for us to be seen for who we are,” Zellners comments.

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