When the media is telling you what to do, why not just do it?

Posted October 14, 2019 08:07:39In the run up to the Commonwealth Games, a growing number of women’s magazines have been reporting on what happens to women athletes at the games.

It’s not just about winning medals, but the emotional impact of being forced to compete for something that is seen as something less than a man’s right to be there, and something that could potentially result in a ban from the Games.

A number of the magazines have spoken out about the impact of the women’s media policy at the Commonwealths, and how they’re feeling about the coverage of their athletes, especially when the Games are not held in their home states.

This week, The Times of India published a series of stories highlighting the negative impact of media coverage on the lives of women athletes.

The articles, which were written by former Olympic athletes, covered the lives and struggles of a few of the country’s most famous athletes.

But a number of readers took to social media to voice their concerns about the way the publications portrayed women’s sports.

The stories were picked up by the Times of Indian, which published them on its website and Facebook page.

In one, an athlete, who goes by the name of “Akaan” says she was told to stay home from the Commonwealth games because she “didn’t have a job”.

She told the newspaper that the news was devastating.

She continued: “I don’t think that my parents will ever understand the sacrifice that I’ve made. “

I just felt that I had to come out to play, because I didn’t want to leave my family behind.”

She continued: “I don’t think that my parents will ever understand the sacrifice that I’ve made.

They are still in shock that I have come back.

I think they just feel that I’m a failure.”

In another article, a female athlete, called “Aneeta”, says she has to stay at home because she doesn’t have any money.

“My father is still a labourer in his home village, and he can’t afford to send me home to earn enough to feed my son,” she told the paper.

In the last couple of years, several sports writers have criticised the coverage in The Times Of India.

While the article on the negative media coverage was posted on the paper’s website, the comments section was a different story.

Many women took to Twitter to express their anger and frustration with the media coverage, with many calling for the magazine to apologise.

“Women’s sports are our sports.

We don’t need to be used as fodder for magazines.

You should be ashamed of the coverage,” one woman said.”

It is not right that the media has been doing this to women’s athletes,” another wrote.”

Aneet and I were told to leave the country.

What if we don’t?

What if there’s no work for us in the future?

This is the wrong treatment of women,” another woman said in a comment thread.

While many women said they had been told by their mothers to come home to care for their children, some of them have also told The Times that they had no idea where they were going.

“We don’t know where we are going,” one female athlete wrote.

Another said she didn’t know what was going on.

“The only way to be able to get out of this situation is to find a job,” she said.

“I’m not able to work because of my child.

It’s a big issue.

There are people who can’t even go out without being attacked.

It hurts.”

The Times of Asia published the articles in its magazine, as the Commonwealth has been taking a number a women’s sporting events, including the Commonwealth Gold and Commonwealth Silver, for the first time.

Some of the stories focused on the impact on women athletes of the men’s media policies, while others highlighted the impact women athletes face when they do compete in Commonwealth events.

A number said the policy was hurting the women athletes more than the men, and that it was unfair to the men.

One woman, known only as “Maddy”, told the magazine: “The media is trying to control women’s sport and try to take away the opportunities for women.

We need to fight back.”

The issue of negative coverage in the women`s media has prompted several organisations to step up their campaigns to promote the positive. 

The Association of Australian Women Sports Writers, the Australian Sports Media Standards Authority and the Association of Women Athletes’ Association have all written to the publisher of The Times, the Times Of Indian, and other publications to say that it needs to take a more proactive approach in its coverage of the Commonwealth and its athletes.

The issue has been highlighted in the media in the past, and

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