Singapore’s women’s magazine 1800s: The ‘Queen of Modern Beauty’

A new women’s periodical from Singapore aims to highlight the beauty and individuality of the 1800s Singaporean women.

In The Queen of Modern, the magazine looks at the women’s lives as they relate to their environment, family and society at the time.

“I hope the magazine helps to bring a fresh perspective on Singapore’s history,” said editor-in-chief Kianne D’Souza.

“It’s important that we have a clear picture of what Singapore was like in 1800s, rather than a snapshot of Singapore in the 20th century.” 

The magazine, which is aimed at all ages, was created in response to a demand from Singaporean artists for a “new and better” publication.

“The aim of the publication is to celebrate the women of Singapore, as well as their unique personalities and experiences,” D’Shouza said.

“We hope it will also highlight Singapore’s rich history, and provide a fresh take on the subject matter.

We are also looking forward to the launch of our first issue in 2018.” 

As a Singaporean woman, D’Schouza was inspired by the life and work of Queen Victoria.

“Victoria was a woman who was also a great dancer, a master of the piano, a brilliant writer and a great lover of music and literature,” she said.

D’souza is also a member of the Royal Society of Singapore. 

In her new work, the editor- in-chief is looking to celebrate Singaporean culture.

“My aim is to help the public see the Singaporean art, culture and lifestyle through the lens of its women,” she added.

The magazine will feature photographs, essays and interviews from the women behind the covers. “

I’m excited to launch my first issue of The Queen in 2018, and to look forward to its launch in 2018 as well.”

The magazine will feature photographs, essays and interviews from the women behind the covers.

D’souza’s aim is also to celebrate what Singaporean men were like in the 1800.

“To help people understand the unique personalities, talents and abilities of men and women of that time, I hope the work will be a welcome change to the narrative of Singapore,” she explained. 

Awards will also be given out to the first women’s book to be published in Singapore.

“This year, The Queen will be nominated for the Singapore Literary Award for its collection of essays,” she noted.

“Singaporeans will be able to nominate their own books for publication in 2018 and beyond.” 

D’Soulza also hopes to make an impact on the future of women’s fashion, which she says is one of the most important industries in Singapore and the world.

“Women’s fashion is one area in which Singaporean fashion can be very innovative and help create a new culture,” she continued.

“As the magazine focuses on the women who created Singapore’s fashion industry, I believe it will encourage the next generation to make their mark in fashion.” 

 The new issue of the magazine will be released on March 25, 2018.

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