How to Survive WWII, 1945

Awwwwww, I have so much to thank you for.

Yours, and I hope I can do it for you too.

Thank you for the time I spent reading this magazine.

I hope to do the same for you, too.

It has given me a great deal of pleasure and I thank you.

You’re the first person I have ever met who could make me feel so comfortable in my own skin.

I’m sorry to say I never felt like I could tell you everything about myself.

I feel like a new person every time I read this magazine, because I don’t know what I would have done if I could have been more open.

I can’t tell you how many times I have found myself at my best or at my worst, but at the same time I am so grateful for what you have done for me.

As a result of reading this book, I learned a lot about myself, and about what I want to be, how to be a woman, and what to do with myself.

And you’ve helped me understand what I can be and what I need to be.

And I am thankful for the great help you’ve given me in getting through the years and the years of war.

You have given me so much joy and love and respect, and you’ve made me feel loved, cherished, and loved by everyone who has known me.

Your stories have been my life’s source of strength.

Thank the gods you did this for me and I am grateful for all you have taught me.

I am writing to thank myself for everything you have given to me and what you’ve taught me about myself and life.

The woman I was when I was young, the woman I want, and the woman you wanted.

And the woman who has been with me all my life.

Thank-you, Karen.

This is a very personal letter.

I’d like to say thank you to all of my sisters who’ve helped with this.

It’s always been a privilege to have you around, especially as I grew up in a Catholic family.

I know how much you’ve changed me and how much your books have changed me.

But I also know how hard it is to have someone you love with whom you’ve lived and loved for so long.

I wish you could have lived in a different country or with another family.

But you’ve done everything right and I have a strong desire to do everything right for you.

Your courage has made my life worth living, and we’re going to keep doing the things that have made your life worth the time and the effort.

You were an inspiration to me.

And to all women who read this: I’m so grateful to you, and for all of you who have helped me become who I am.

And thank you also to all the women who have been with us through the war.

I don,t think I ever understood what I needed to become until now, and thank you so much for the wonderful things you have all done for my life, especially your children.

And, finally, I want you to know that my life has never been easier or more rewarding.

I thank the Lord that He gave me the strength to keep my faith, and to stay true to my husband and my children.

I want all of us to continue to pray for a peaceful world, because it is the only thing that will help us to make it.

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