Exclusive: The 50 Most Influential Women of All Time

Women’s magazines and other online platforms are getting more aggressive in their efforts to appeal to men, including launching an online section to help attract women to their websites.

Forbes magazine is taking a different approach, partnering with men’s brands like Vans, Reebok, Adidas, and Levi’s to help it reach a wider audience.

According to a new report, Forbes is also building an interactive content portal to help advertisers find and target female customers, which is slated to launch this fall.

The partnership will enable advertisers to reach women who may not have access to the Forbes app or other websites.

The portal will include videos and photos of women who have become Forbes contributors and will be available for women to share with their social media networks.

It will also feature an online editor for women who are willing to discuss topics related to their businesses.

According a Forbes spokesperson, Forbes will be offering the content as an “experience,” which means advertisers will not have to purchase ads on the site.

This means that women who want to read about the latest fashion trends and fashion trends from the past year can go straight to the content and access the best content from the site, the spokesperson said.

While women’s media is an important part of Forbes’ portfolio, it has traditionally been largely underfunded.

It is the only mainstream women’s publication with no female executives.

The magazine’s digital platform will be a welcome boost to its visibility.

Forbes’ first foray into video will also help it attract more women.

A new video platform for women’s videos, the Forbes Vogue Video Network, is scheduled to launch in early 2019.

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