Why Women are wearing pants more than ever

“This has become a very, very big issue for women and it’s about time.”

– Women’s magazine editor in chief, Rachel Maddow, to MSNBC’s Joy Reid, on the growing trend of women’s underwear.

In an interview with MSNBC, Maddow noted the rise of the underwear trend for women in general, noting that it’s now “a pretty big issue, a big topic for women, and it should be.”

In an attempt to break down the reasons why women wear pants, Maddows suggested the trend is driven by the fact that women tend to think of clothing as an accessory, rather than a necessary part of their daily life.

“It’s not the same thing,” Maddow said.

“I think that’s why we’re seeing so much more of this trend.”

Maddow noted that “men are not wearing pants anymore” and that men tend to be more comfortable with their bodies, but that women can wear pants with confidence.

“I think the thing that we have to take into consideration is that a lot of women, like women in this age, feel more comfortable in their underwear, in their pants, in that they feel that it gives them a certain level of protection,” Maddows said.

“So when I say protection, it’s a sense of security, a sense that I’m protected.”

And while the trend of wearing pants is on the rise, the trend has its detractors, including many feminists who claim that wearing pants will make women look more “feminine” and “manly” as well as those who say the trend promotes stereotypes about women.

Maddon said in an interview on MSNBC that she’s proud to be a woman, and believes that women should be able to wear whatever they want as long as they don’t do something that could be seen as offensive or harmful to men.

“If you want to wear a dress, you can do it,” Maddox said.

“But you’re not supposed to be wearing pants or you’re supposed to have a different body type than women.

It doesn’t make you a bad person.

It just means that you can have the freedom to wear what you want and to wear it to the best of your ability.””

So I feel like I’m a good person,” Maddoz said.

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