When ‘pornography’ was the norm, a women’s lifestyle magazine was all it took to break through

by marie manne article source CNN (CNN) — When it comes to the future of women’s magazines, the first thing many women’s rights advocates will point to when they talk about a potential future is what is already in circulation.

That is the theme behind a new collection of women-centric magazines, including the newest title from the magazine “porn” magazine, which was launched by women’s advocates in a bid to help make them a more popular brand.

The new collection, which is titled “Pornography in America” by a team of women who work on women’s issues and other feminist causes, is the latest effort by “possessive feminists” to try and change the way that women are portrayed in mainstream magazines, which are often dominated by men.

Porn and the Internet are two main ways for young women to consume porn.

Many women have grown up with pornography in their lives and want to be more comfortable with it.

And while they are not always sure how best to consume pornography, the women’s movement has been working to make that experience more accessible.

The goal is to create an environment where women can see the images of themselves that they would want to see, and they can also see the ones that don’t, and the women can feel empowered and safe in that space, said Jennifer Goss Graves, a senior adviser for the National Women’s Law Center who is also co-author of the new collection.

Goss Graves told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota that women’s publications have long been a place where women were seen as less than, but also as more than.

“I think that is what this new collection is trying to change,” she said.

“Women want to have that space where they can see themselves in the images they want to get their brains and bodies excited about.”

A new edition of “pics,” or magazines, that focus on women is part of the effort.

It will be published by Goss-Graves, a veteran of the feminist movement, and will be titled “Women’s Rights” by Sarah Kallenbarger, a former New York City city councilwoman who is a co-founder of the women in porn movement.

Kallenteger and Graves, who has also worked on issues related to the criminal justice system, were joined by others on the board of directors of the group.

“The goal was to create a space where women could see themselves, and also feel empowered, safe, and comfortable in that place,” Graves said.

Kallenterg said that the new “picks up where we left off” in the new issue, which comes out in March.

The women in the collection are mostly young and women, and are trying to get the message out about women’s experiences.

The first issue, “Pics for Women,” is called “The Girl’s Guide to Porn,” and it features a collection of short stories written by young women that will hopefully inspire women to think critically about porn, Graves said in a statement.

The new issue also features the “Girl’s Guide,” “The Pornographer’s Guide” and “The Prostitute’s Guide.”

The new “girl” magazine is also the first to have the title “Penthouse,” an allusion to Penthouse, a sexual magazine published in the 1970s.

It features interviews with famous porn stars and women who have spoken out against pornography.

The collection is also launching a new digital initiative, “the Girl’s Porn.”

The aim of the program is to help women make their voices heard by speaking to their friends and families.

The site, which has been under development for about a year, will allow women to upload their own content, and have it shared with other women.

The project is aimed at helping women who are not directly involved in porn industry, such as the women featured in “The Penthouse Guide,” or women who just want to support others who are struggling with pornography.

Graves said the goal of the project is to get women who might not have a voice into the public eye, and she is looking forward to seeing how they respond to the material.

“We are really excited to see how this will translate,” Graves told Camerota.

Gravel added that the “pantheon” of women in her magazine has helped inspire other women in their communities to talk about the issues surrounding pornography.

“It’s an amazing community and the response to this project, I think, speaks to that,” Graves added.

“If you’re a woman who is having a hard time with pornography, then this is something that is really important for you to get involved with,” Graves continued.

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