What’s the real story behind Swedish women’s magazines?

By Anna Paz – 3 June 2018 – 19:56:25A new Swedish publication, “Sweden Women’s Magazine”, published in December 2018, looks to be the most interesting one to date.

It has its own logo, it’s the first issue to have a cover and its one of the first publications to have an article by a woman.

The magazine is part of the Swedish Women’s Alliance, a women’s rights organisation that aims to improve access to women’s education, health and employment.

Sweden has one of Europe’s lowest levels of women’s representation in senior government positions, and one of its lowest rates of female representation in politics.

However, the Swedish government has been promoting women in politics since it took power in 1997.

It is the first country in Europe to pass legislation to guarantee equal pay for equal work.

This has had a positive effect, as the number of women holding public office has increased.

In Sweden, women make up 15.5% of the parliament.

There are five female MPs in the current government, and the country is one of few in the world to have two women as Prime Minister.

This is partly because of the fact that there are few female politicians in their own party.

Swedish women are also the only country in the Nordic region to guarantee paid maternity leave.

The country also has the lowest number of childless women, and among the lowest rates in Europe.

Swedes are one of only four countries in the EU to guarantee a minimum salary for all workers, with the minimum wage set at 1,700 kronor (£816).

The government has also introduced a scheme for the construction industry to provide full-time, unpaid parental leave, as well as an increase in the minimum salary to 2,000 kronors (£534).

The scheme has also included a provision for women to receive two weeks of paid paternity leave.

Switzerland has also recently enacted laws to protect the rights of workers.

Swiss legislation also has a number of measures in place to protect female employees, including access to pay and benefits, gender-neutral workplace policies and flexible working hours.

It also guarantees a minimum wage for all employees, regardless of their sex.

Swiss women have the lowest gender pay gap in Europe, at just 0.5%.

In 2018, Switzerland’s women earned 77% of men’s earnings.

In 2018 the government paid out more than 6 million Swiss francs ($6.7 million) in salaries to women, with a quarter of these paid to women with children.

Swiče also has one the lowest pay gaps in the European Union, at 0.6%.

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