What’s the deal with the Boston Women’s Magazine?

The Boston Women: A Feminist Magazine is one of the oldest magazines in the country and the magazine has been published in New York City since 1919.

Its editors are women, and it’s dedicated to the feminist movement.

But a few months ago, the editors decided to change their name to Boston Women.

They decided that was not the right way to celebrate the magazine’s 10th anniversary.

Now, in a new name, the magazine will be called the Boston Magazine of Women.

But it will still publish the women’s and gender-neutral titles that are the heart of the Boston-area women’s community.

And it will continue to publish the very magazines that have been a part of the feminist conversation for decades.

The Boston Magazine has always been a community of diverse voices, and I think that the title change reflects that.

The name change was announced Thursday by Boston Magazine Director of Marketing Michelle Kagan.

She said in a statement that the Boston Magazines mission is to help women understand and express themselves through a variety of media, including the internet, print, television and social media.

We believe that women have the right to share their voices and ideas, Kagan said.

“We hope this change will serve as a catalyst for a renewed commitment to diversity and inclusion in the industry,” she said.

The magazine has long been known for its provocative, thoughtful essays and opinion pieces.

But in recent years, the Boston magazine has also begun to focus on the issues of race and gender in the news, and the publication has also expanded its focus on women’s health and personal care.

In a letter to the magazine editors, Boston Magazine Founder and Publisher Lisa Kahan said she hopes the name change will help “engage women more directly, by helping them to be more aware of their own bodies and their bodies as well as the health care decisions that affect them.”

The Boston Mags editorial team was asked about the name changing in an email.

The team noted that Boston Magazine is “a global community of female writers, editors, photographers, photographers-in-training, photographers and more,” and that the magazine is the first national publication to have a women’s editorial team, the staff of which is largely female.

We’re proud of our team’s diverse membership and are committed to continuing to celebrate and advance the voice of women in the arts, culture, and business.

They wrote that the name should not reflect a lack of diversity in editorial roles, and that women writers have historically and currently “struggled for visibility and representation in the media” in general.

The new name was also praised by the Boston Herald, which has published the Boston mag for decades, and is known for being a progressive and socially conscious publication.

“I think it is great to see that our editorial team has now finally decided that this is the best way to honor the history of the magazine, and to reflect on its legacy,” editor-in_chief Jana Schuster wrote in a press release.

“It is a great honor for the women at the Boston Globe to now be a part, not only of this magazine, but also of the broader Boston community.”

The new logo, which includes the Boston flag, is currently available on the magazine website.

For more information on the BostonMagazines.com website, visit the organization’s website.

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