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A few months ago, the Thai government decided to change its rules about women’s weight, as well as the weight and body type of its women.

So now, in a move to make the Thai women of Thailand more attractive, the government is launching a new program aimed at helping the country’s women gain weight.

The program is called “Thai Women’s Fitness,” and it will be available to all women in the country, but also to men who are interested in trying it out.

The goal is to help women gain enough weight to look like them.

Here’s how the program will work: For each woman, the program recommends that she eat a balanced diet of vegetables and fruits, and avoid processed foods.

The woman will also do a “stretch test” to determine how much she can do without gaining weight.

If she reaches her goal, the woman will have to eat a certain amount of calories to lose the excess weight.

For women between 20 and 30 years old, the weight-loss plan is the equivalent of a 6-ounce pizza, and the women can start eating that as early as age 16.

For men between 30 and 40, the plan is a 3-ounce sandwich.

The men can start at age 30.

It’s a strict program, but it also is intended to encourage women to lose weight and maintain their healthy habits.

So far, the men in Thailand have chosen the program, which is being launched as a part of the Women’s Health Initiative, and are doing well, according to the Bangkok Post.

“I feel good,” says Nana, one of the participants of the program.

“The weight has been lost, I feel healthier, I can breathe better, and I feel happy.”

The program has also been very positive for the women.

“We’ve been told that we’re going to look better,” Nana says.

“They are happy with our body.”

But she admits that she and her husband aren’t sure how to feel about the weight loss, especially since they don’t want to lose too much weight themselves.

“Maybe we shouldn’t lose too many pounds, but maybe we should be a bit more careful,” she says.

And that’s where the men’s fitness program comes in.

The Thai government is hoping that the program and the new weight- loss plan will help the country grow its female population.

But it’s not the only program being launched in the Thai capital.

According to Reuters, the country is also launching a program called “Men’s Fitness” which will help men lose weight.

“Men have been looking for fitness programs to help them lose weight, and now we have the chance to take them to the next level,” Health Minister Niyomsak Niyawadai told the Bangkok News.

The new program is similar to the Thai program in the U.S., which also includes a weight-related diet and exercise program, as shown below.

Thailand’s new program aims to help men achieve a healthy weight and keep it off.

And the government hopes that men will choose to participate, as the program has been shown to be successful in Thailand.

However, many men have complained about the program in a country where many men are overweight.

And so far, they haven’t responded well.

One man in particular, who is known as “the man of the hour,” has been making headlines for his weight-gain antics.

“There’s a reason I’m not here anymore,” he told Reuters.

“It’s because I’m a fat man.”

That man is not the first fat man to make headlines in Thailand, however.

Last year, a former Bangkok police officer and police officer named Suvrat Nongkol was arrested for allegedly assaulting a female colleague in the city.

His arrest prompted a lot of attention on social media, and many people began to believe that the man was the real villain in the case.

However it turns out, the man is actually a very good cook, and he has managed to lose about 20 pounds over the years.

His downfall began when he started making his own food and eating at restaurants where he could get the ingredients.

And when he was finally caught, he started eating so much that he had to order more food from restaurants and buy more food himself.

The police officer eventually was convicted of assaulting the woman and sentenced to five years in jail, which he served in a Thai prison, where he was forced to work as a cook.

And in 2015, he was acquitted of the assault charges.

However the police officer is still facing criminal charges, and in 2018, he lost a Supreme Court case in which he claimed that he was not guilty of the crimes he was accused of.

“He was the man of time,” Nonglok said in an interview with Reuters.

But he also believes that he has a good chance of winning the case, and that he can change the world.

“If the court finds that I’m innocent, then

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