‘Unbelievable’ India ‘a great country for women’

India, like the US, has been lauded for being a great country to work and live in.In 2018, India earned the dubious honour of being ranked the world’s most feminist country.It’s a laudable accolade, and yet the country still doesn’t quite live up to its image.According to a 2018 poll

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How to look like a female magazine cover image

Posted September 19, 2018 08:11:06 It’s all about the color.And the way you look.When the editor of Women’s Magazine Australia decided to make an ad for the new issue, she chose to go with a different style than the ones featured on the cover of the magazine.“I’ve always been a

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How I met my wife’s husband in a magazine

source The New York Times title ‘I met her through a friend’: The story of a book and a wedding article source NPR title A bride’s new book about her wedding vows.A few days later, her husband dies.article article

Swedish women’s daily newspaper slams men for ‘misogynistic’ comments

Sweden’s daily women’s weekly, Aftonbladet, is defending its controversial editorial, claiming that it is the first time a Danish newspaper has “repeatedly called out a man’s misogynistic comments against women”.The newspaper’s decision to publish the comments was sparked by a Danish journalist who has called a man a “troublemaker” and

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What you need to know about the Houston Women’s Magazine

“This is a great opportunity to tell the story of the women who created the Houston chapter of the Women’s Digest Magazine.I think it’s really important for us to have that representation.”–Houston author Naomi Wolf, who was a contributing editor for the magazine before she was fired last year by

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Women’s magazines for young women

Female magazines for women are outselling the best-selling men’s ones in the world, according to a new study.The BBC’s World Service looks at what women’s publications are doing right and wrong to attract and retain female readers.The research was carried out by the research consultancy company Foursquare and commissioned by

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New York City Magazine cover

Woman’s magazine cover features iconic image of a naked woman in the middle of the Hudson River article The New York Times magazine is set to feature an iconic image from the magazine’s history on its cover, as the title of the magazine and the magazine cover are set to

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New survey shows women are more accepting of ‘rape culture’

An online survey has found that women are much more accepting than men of the concept of rape culture, which refers to the widespread practice of sexual violence in the country, and that men are more likely to believe the stories of victims.The survey by Women on Fire, a women’s

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Which women’s magazines are the best in Singapore?

Singapore has been dubbed the best city in the world to be a woman, but its gender imbalance in media and the lack of diversity in the media industry has long been a sticking point for Singaporeans.Singapore has two male-dominated magazines, the Straits Times and The Straits Review, but the

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